Thursday, December 10, 2009

How I Prevent Gout - Sometimes I Win, Sometimes Gout Wins

There are numerous steps individuals can take to avoid gout attacks, following the plan outlined is an excellent method of gout prevention.

Keep yourself warm

One of the main triggers of gout is exposure to cold.This is because the cold weather has a direct affect on the uric acid crystals. Keeping yourself warm is a simple precaution to take, basically you just need to ensure your hands, wrists, ankles, ears, elbows, toes and knees are covered up before you are exposed to the cold. Most people do this anyway, but I mentioned this because it is extra helpful to protect your joints from the cold if you tolerate gout.

Consume more fluids.

Fluids, particularly water assist the body to dilute uric acid in the blood, it also helps the kidneys to expel it. To ensure you are consuming enough water you need to maintain a mental record of how multiple glasses of water you drink a day. Health experts recommend that adults should drink at least ten 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Doing this will reduce the amounts of uric acid in your blood stream, limiting the chances of you having a gout attack.

Control what you eat.

If you endure gout, generally you would need to completely avoid foods that are high in purine content, because this substance is metabolized by the body and produces uric acid. And the more uric acid in your blood the higher the chance of a gout attack. The high purine foods you need to look out for include: red and dark meet, herring, fish roe, sausages, organ meet and dark fillet.

If you suffer from gout attacks it is a fantastic idea to speak to a dietitian in order to get more data on gout prevention through your diet.

Maintain your bodies PH levels.

Excessive intake of the following substances must decrease the PH of your body: tea, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, protein, vitamin C, aspirin and foods that have high chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus may decrease the bodies PH levels. This should cause problems for gout sufferers because uric acid becomes more soluble in the blood and this increases the chance of a gout attack.

Certain medical conditions may also make the body more acidic, these include hypothyroidism, psoriasis and lead poisoning.

Following these simple tips should assist with gout prevention

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